If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.
— Lewis Carroll

our targeted customized approach



At our first meetings, we'll get to know one another and gather pertinent information for the coming journey. We will review coursework, assess academic strengths, discover interests and talents, and begin to develop goals for the future. Guidance includes:

  • review of student transcript
  • suggestions for extracurricular activities
  • personality and learning style assessments
  • development of a personal resume


Once the groundwork has been laid, we will develop an initial list of schools to explore to find the best match for your student and his or her unique needs, wants, interests, and talents. Guidance includes:

  • coaching on conducting further college research
  • planning for college visits and tours
  • understanding undergraduate coursework for desired major
  • support for standardized tests, including timing, recommendations and preparation

 Application & Decision

In this stage, students begin the process of building their applications for admissions and developing essays to showcase their unique strengths. Guidance includes:

  • interview preparation and practice
  • extensive essay support
  • development of comprehensive customized timelines with tasks and deadlines
  • identifying financial and merit aid opportunities
  • determine Early Action/Early Decision strategies

Students and families receive access to a personalized Custom College Plan account for 24/7 access to unique and proprietary organizational, communication, information and planning tools for the journey.