All you need is the plan, the road map and the courage to press on to your destination.
— Earl Nightingale

bringing clarity to college admissions

I accept a limited number of students each year to ensure highly customized service for each family. Every student is unique and I offer services that are tailored to each student and situation. Comprehensive college consulting services usually cost $3,000 - $6,000, depending on the student and family needs, when they start the process, and how self-motivated the student is.  I charge an hourly fee rather than offering a package price to allow families to maximize their budget and avoid paying for unnecessary services.

The work can begin at any point in high school but for best results, I recommend starting no later than the beginning of junior year.

From identifying possible colleges of interest to shepherding the student through the application, to editing application essays, to assisting in making the final decision, my role changes based on the needs of the student. I work to identify what makes a student unique and then amplify, polish and focus these qualities for the greatest impact.

Our students stand out among other applications because I work with their true nature to create a compelling story...a "hook" that will highlight the student in the most captivating way, while still being true to their personality and accomplishments.

While no one can guarantee admission at any college or university, with my help, you and your student will be more organized, less stressed, more prepared and better equipped to handle the application process.

Anne has a special touch with her students. She was able to draw out my son’s unique qualities and translate them to his applications.
— J.S., Napa, CA